With Over 7,500 Real Estate Agents in Palm Beach County to Choose From 

You’d Think Choosing One Would Be Difficult

It Isn’t! 

Star Smiley Delivers 

Satisfaction Guaranteed SM 

100% Satisfaction or My Commission Back

The problem with selecting a real estate agent today is that you usually don't find out how good or bad an agent is until the transaction is over and you have already paid his or her fee. Star takes the risk out with her innovative Satisfaction Guarantee program.

That's right—when you employ Star Smiley to sell your home, if, at the end of the transaction you feel Star did not earn her commission; she will gladly give it back. No hassles, no questions asked. Star believes her knowledge; outstanding marketing skills and total commitment to service will convince you that she has indeed earned her commission.


It’s Guaranteed!

Star Smiley
Star Smiley
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