Realtor.com is the #1 online Real Estate site for buyers. Star subscribes to have a Realtor.com website so she can enhance your property with additional verbiage, photos and an eye catching showcase banner.

Star participates in Zillow, Trulia and many, many other realty sites. This means the buyer WILL find your listing!!

Statistics show 90% of all buyers start their home search online. Photos are their first 'drive by'. Homes with numerous photos are viewed most often online. Star posts 40 or more photos.

Star creates a high quality custom flyer of your property so potential buyers have an information item to take home.

Star creates and mails a custom high quality postcard to your neighbors in case they have a friend or relative that might be interested.

Star creates QR code for your property so potential buyers can scan, access and save listing information via their phone or tablet immediately or at their convenience. This QR code is posted on all flyers and postcards, too. 

Star offers regular print ads. Although most buyers look online, some still access the print ads, as well, and Star wants your property to be discovered.

Star calls all Realtors that show your property for feedback. This feedback helps Star and you know what is affecting the sale of your property.

Star is in regular contact with you and always available to discuss queries.

Depending on your situation, Star may create a high quality video tour, e-blast area agents, promote your home to buyers through Listingbook, hold a broker's open house, hold public open houses and more.

Star offers a  Satisfaction Guaranteed™ program.  That's right - at the end of a transaction, if you you feel Star did not earn her commission, she will gladly give you a refund. No hassles, no questions asked. Star believes her knowledge, outstanding marketing skills and total commitment to service will convince you that she has indeed earned her commission.

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